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Praise for

A Dress for Mona

   "an absorbing, thought-provoking, and at times emotion-ally wrenching drama... highly recommended"

   Midwest Book Rev.,

   Sep 2002

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  "well-constructed, emotional, moving...   

   a window into a world usually encountered only in limited perspective on the news.

   Mona's story will inspire teens..."

   VOYA, Jun 2003

   Full Review





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   A Dress for Mona is a play written about the young Bah' martyr, Mona Mahmudnizhad. Mona's story is one that touches the hearts of those who hear it. How could a young girl be so full of life, so faithful and so loving in the face of such hatred and persecution? She stands as a model of the potential within humanity for good. 

   The play was written by Mark Perry, and it gets its title from a dream that Mona had some months before she went to prison.  In the dream, Mona was offered her choice of three dresses: one was red, it represented martyrdom; one was black, it represented a life of sadness and suffering; the third was blue, Mona's favorite color, and it stood for a life devoted to serving humanity.  In her dream, Mona chose the blue.  In her life, Mona eventually chose to wear each of them because of her steadfast devotion to her beliefs.

   This website includes information about Mona's real life as well as the play based on it. You can learn about productions of the play and how the play is being promoted. You may also view photos of Mona, her family, friends and fellow martyrs on this site. Information about her religion, the Bah' Faith, and about the subject of martyrdom are also provided along with some related links.  Read our guest book where people from around the world have left their thoughts and wishes. (Sorry, no new entries due to incessant spamming.)

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Want to learn more about the publisher?

1. A Brand New Revision of the Play you can read!

2. Naantali Theatre's 2007 premiere of 'New Dress'

3. DVD Trailer (Youtube)

Read a portion of the play, or find out more about it by clicking here. 'A Dress for Mona' is available in print and on DVD.  Click to order


"A Dress for Mona" has been performed by several different companies.  See photographs and read up on our "In the Spotlight" Production.



The True Story features two complete historical accounts of Mona's life as well as links to other resources. 




Many of the pictures you can see on this site have not been published. Some of the Baha'is in Iran managed to get them to us, in spite of difficulties. 


The Bah' Faith originated in Iran in the mid-19th Century.  Despite fierce persecution, it has managed to become the second most widespread independent religion in the world.


Many people have been moved by the story of Mona and her fellow martyrs and have responded by passing it on, and often in creative ways.





Martyrdom is a subject that can be both inspiring and perplexing. This section helps to explain the Baha'i view on the matter.




Our guest book is closed, but people from all over the world have visited this site and shared what Mona means to them. 


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