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   A Dress for Mona is a play about the young Bahá'í martyr, Mona Mahmudnizhad. Mona was a beautiful and innocent 16 year old, full of life and promise, when, in 1983, she and 9 other women were unjustly executed by authorities in Iran. But Mona was more than a victim of oppressionshe faced hatred with love, hardship with perseverance, and death with astonishing courage. Read her story, ponder her example, see if she doesn't change your perspective on the possibilities inherent in humanity.

This website includes information about Mona's real life as well as the play based on it. You can learn about productions of the play and see photos of them. You may also view photos of Mona, her family, friends and fellow martyrs on this site. Information about her religion, the Bahá'í Faith, and about the subject of martyrdom are also provided along with some related links.

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Mona's Dream

The play gets its title from a dream Mona had some months before she went to prison. In the dream, Mona was offered her choice of three garments: one was red, and it symbolized martyrdom; one was black, it meant a life of sadness and suffering; the third was blue, Mona's favorite color—it stood for a life devoted to serving humanity. In her dream, Mona chose the blue. In her life, Mona eventually chose to wear each of them .


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